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Implement Attacking

00:00 Previously, we created the option to attack, heal, or run away. It doesn’t do anything yet, but I’m going take this off still. And now we move into the conditionals. You don’t have to do this in the order, but I think it’ll work, so I’m just going to start with implementing attack.

00:14 So, if the player attacks, they deal between 10 and 15 damage to the monster. I’m going to need some way of deciding what’s it going to be.

00:22 And I think it makes sense to use the random module here again. So I’m going to import random. What else? Let’s move it over. Make clear what we’re working on.

00:34 It’s the player attacking and dealing damage to the monster. So I will not have to change player_health, but I have to change monster_health and subtract whatever damage gets calculated using random. First, I need the conditional to say this option should trigger if the player pressed A for attack.

00:53 I’m going to say if action == "A" because I used .upper() to uppercase this. Right over here you do this.

01:04 If the action is "A", then I want to first calculate the damage. So I need a variable for damage that I’m going to calculate with random.randint(), passing in between 10 and 15.

01:18 So this is inclusive, so I can send (10, 15) just like this. That’ll be my damage, so every time the player attacks, there’s going to be a new random amount of damage between 10 and 15.

01:31 And now I want to reduce the monster_health by that damage. monster_health -= damage.

01:42 And then let’s try it out. Oh, I also have a typo in here. monster_health. See what happens when we attack.

01:56 I want to attack, and the monster_health has been reduced from the starting value of 150 to 136. Great. This is working.

02:05 We can attack the monster. Next we’re going to look at healing the player.

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